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" Calmm Carry nail stickers are my go-to for fabulous nails. They're quick to apply and last for 3 weeks, which is a lifesaver for a single mom!! No more expensive salon trips – it's a win-win!"  - Jessica D, USA

[FREE TODAY] - Semi Cured Gel Nail Stickers

[FREE TODAY] - Semi Cured Gel Nail Stickers

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Skip the Salon! Save time and Money.

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Introducing Calmm Carry Semi-Cured Nail Stickers: Your Nail Game Changer!

Unlock the Magic of Semi-Cured Gel Nails: You might be wondering, what exactly are semi-cured gel nails? Well, imagine the beauty of salon-quality gel nails, but without the hefty price tag, without spending hours at the salon, and without damaging your natural nails. It might sound too good to be true, but trust us, it's real!

The Advantages

  • Chip Resistance: The formula of semi-gel nails is designed to be more resistant to chips and scratches, making them a suitable choice for individuals who are rough on their hands.
  • No Smudging: Traditional nail polish is prone to smudging, especially during the drying process. Semi-gel nails, however, dry instantly under the UV or LED lamp, eliminating the risk of smudging.
  • Easy Removal: While semi-gel nails are long-lasting, they can be easily removed without causing damage to the natural nails. This is typically done by soaking the nails in acetone.

Perfect Fit for All Fingers

Worried about nail strips fitting your unique fingers? No need! Our Semi-Cured Nail Sticker Pack includes a whopping 20 nail strips in various sizes. From big to small to tiny, we've got you covered. Who knew finding the perfect fit could be so fun?

A Flash of UV Magic

Just pop these sticker wonders under a UV lamp for a mere 60 seconds, and voilà, you've got nails that are not just 10/10 but 110%. Yes, you read that right, 110%. The kind of nails that'll make you want to show them off everywhere you go.


How to use?

1. Clean and Prepare:Start by cleaning your nails.

2. Select the Perfect Size:Find the nail sticker that matches your nail size. We have options for big, small, or tiny nails.

3. Stick It On:Peel off the top film and gently apply the semi-cured gel nail sticker to your nail. Make sure to keep a small gap from the cuticle, ensuring the sticker stays on the nail and doesn't touch your skin.

4. Smooth It Out:Use the included nail file to trim and shape any excess semi-cured gel.
5. Set Under UV Light:Cure your nail sticker twice under a UV lamp to secure it in place (for 60 seconds) on both sides.

*We suggest adding a layer of top coat and curing them under the UV light for 60 seconds - for additional strengthening and protection*

6. Safely Remove:To take off the nail sticker, use the wooden stick included. Gently lift the edges of the sticker, and if needed, soak the wooden stick in nail polish remover for a smoother removal process.

What's Inside Your Nail Savvy Semi-Cured Nail Pack?

  • 20 Pieces of Semi-Cured Nail Strips
  • Nail File
  • Wooden Stick (for easy removal and smoothing edges)

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About us

Welcome to Calmm Carry! We offer an affordable and convenient solution for achieving beautiful, long-lasting nails at home with our polygel nail kit. Say goodbye to expensive salon manicures and join the thousands of women who have made the switch to Calmm Carry. So, whether you're a busy mom, a student on a budget, or just looking for a cost-effective alternative to salon manicures, Calmm Carry has got you covered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Linda Kaye
Semi cured nails

I would love to give you a review, but as of yet I have note received anything to be able to give you one.

Cadence Dunn
Never again

Not sure if it was the gels or the UV light that was the problem but they didn’t stick or harden at all, very disappointed

Jennifer Ingle
Waste of money

They do not set ! Waste of money Used it properly and tried longer UV time But no. RUBBISH !

Theresa Fletcher

Appalling nails, they don’t harden under heat they say they and even send you a lamp that’s useless!!! AVOID AT ALL COST!!

Susan Macdonald
Easy to use

I found these easy and straightforward to use, however the width of some of the stickers are wider than my nails , I used the narrow ones and could of used more